Why these 30 minutes make the web awesome

I had this moment the other day where I just thought “the web is awesome”, plain and simply awesome in every sense of the word.

Let me set the scene. Recently, me, my friends and my partner watched Guardians of the Galaxy. We’d already seen it before but it was my partner’s first time watching, she instantly adored Groot.



At the end of the film Groot needs to be repotted as he sacrifices himself to save the rest of the guardians and this is where my partner went into cute overdrive. Dancing. Baby. Groot.

Prime heart warming gif material, this is where the idea started. I wanted to create a single page site that was dedicated to dancing baby Groot.

Bringing dancing Groot to life

I whipped open the command line, created a new groot folder, initialised a Git repo and got to work on a lone single index.html file.

I downloaded a little gif of Groot dancing to cover the entire screen and even positioned him so that when you were on your phone he’d be smack bang in the middle of your screen dancing away.

Next I needed the classic Jackson 5 tune ‘I Want You Back’ to stick in the background. I originally tried a hidden YouTube video that would autoplay but alas, their record label had banned any use of the track on an external site. So to Soundcloud I went, grabbed their embed code and hid it off screen. Perfect!

I committed this all to a gh-pages branch and pushed it to a public repository on my Github account, an instant free working website. I registered a domain with 123-reg, ran the DNS through Cloudflare and pointed it towards my newly created site.

That awe moment

I immediately sent it to my partner who was excited to say the least! Within 30 minutes I’d gone from an idea to something real and working. Besides the domain, everything was free too.

That is what is awesome about the web. The idea may be small and a bit silly but nothing else can empower you to do that. Everyone with access to the Internet can now watch little Groot dance from all over the world.

This wasn’t the first, nor will be my last “the web is awesome” moment. If you have any, please share them below.

Dancing Groot

If you’re interested in the code you can check it out here but please do have a look at iamgrooot.com and share it with anyone you may think would appreciate that cute dancing tree.

Dancing Groot


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