Speaking about JSPM and ES6 at BristolJS

A few months ago I discovered JSPM, the “frictionless browser package manager”. JSPM allows you to write your JavaScript in the new ES6 syntax and leverage existing package managers for ES6 style module loading.

This spurred me to start bringing ES6 into our production applications at Simpleweb and after doing a short tech talk on it I suggested to Adam I turn it into a fully fledged talk.

It’s been a while coming but it finally rolled round for my chance to speak at BristolJS. I’d never done a “proper talk” to this many people before so I was pretty excited to get up there and say my piece.

Lots of people turned up to Just Eat’s offices where they provided beer and tonnes of pizza, everyone was super-friendly and there was just a generally good atomsphere throughout the night.

You can take a look at my slides at your own pace or sit back with a tea and watch me waffle on about JavaScript for 30 or so minutes instead.

I’d like to thank Adam for editing the video and for putting the night together.

P.S. If you’re in and around Bristol and interested in JavaScript (or just like beer and pizza), I highly recommend looking out for the future meetups.


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