Towards the end of last year I’d say I made a fair few big changes in my life. I upped sticks to another part of Bristol, moved in with my girlfriend, and to top it off I also decided to change jobs — all at the same time!

What brought on the sudden change was Penny uprooting from Peterborough to Bristol, just as I did three years ago.

I first came to Bristol because I manged to nab a job at the illustrious Aardman Animations as their humble junior web developer. This was on an initial four month contract and I didn’t have much hope for sticking around in Bristol. That was until I fell in love with the city, and Aardman also kindly decided to keep me on a more permanent basis.

Now three years down the line, it’s time to move on. I owe a lot to Aardman, especially the brilliant team of friends I got to work with. It’s definitely been a once in a life time experience.

Aardman Animations company photo

My time there was nothing short of awesome. Thank-you guys.

Where am I now?

I’m working at Simpleweb. It was big move for me, but I’m pleased to say it was the right one. The team is great, I get to design and build sweet web applications, I’m learning new things again and I’ve got the motivation back to make things in my spare time.

To end, here’s a few simple (and probably clichéd) things I’ve learnt. Change is good, don’t be scared of it. If you’re not learning anything new in what you do day to day, stop and do something about it.


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