I like burgers, a lot. And after frequenting Bristol’s many burger joints I wanted to try and make my own ultimate burger.

As I wanted it to be a meal I could easily knock up after work, some self-imposed rules were put in place: simple to cook, do-able in under 15 minutes, ingredients could be grabbed from the weekly supermarket shop and more importantly it had to have maximum flavor.

Here’s my method and ingredients so far in my quest for the best homemade after work burger.


First things first, there’s nothing fancy here. Get the oven on and chuck a load of skinny frozen fries in there. This is your countdown timer, they should typically take around 15 minutes at 180c.


Finding the right bun is hard. They have to be tough enough to not fall apart when taking on the sauces and juicy meaty fluids from the patties but keep from being really heavy going and filling you up.

I’ve narrowed it down to these sesame seed brioche buns. They fit the bill perfectly, add a little sweetness and have that authentic burger look.

Step 1

Get a non-oiled pan up to temperature and cut the buns with a sharp bread knife and toast them off until they’re a little charred.

Step 2

Greens (minimal)

While they’re in the pan, tear up some lettuce to roughly the same shape as the buns. Just enough to add some crunch.

Step 3

Back to the buns

After a few minutes the buns should be nice and toasty. I’m doing burgers for the two of us in the evening so we’re at the 10 minute mark by now.

Step 4


With the pan still hot, add a splash of oil and lay down your patties. I’m using Sainsbury’s Ultimate Steak Burgers. Each side wants a few minutes just to seal and brown off. Then just keep flipping them occasionally.

Step 5

Sauces at the ready

After trying lots of BBQ sauces, Red’s Unholy Barbecue Sauce is by far the best I’ve ever had in or out of a restaurant. There mustard is also pretty damn good and punches through with a sharp flavor.

Step 6


About 5 minutes into the burgers cooking add smoked streaky bacon. This is where the magic happens. As the bacon starts to cook, all the fats start to mix together and really bring out that nice meaty taste you want from a burger.

Step 7

Back to the sauce

While the meat is cooking away, prep the toasted buns with a nice lining of Red’s mustard, the lettuce can then sit on top to await it’s meaty crown.

Step 8

Crisp up

A few minutes before the end your bacon should be looking nice and crispy, time to quickly nip the burgers out of the pan.

Step 9


Grab a sharp knife and make small slices in the top of the burgers. Give them a good press while on some kitchen towels to get rid of any excess juices.

Step 10


Return them to the pan, pop a nice slide of cheddar on top and lay the bacon on as well. This should start to fuse the burger, cheese and bacon together. Tip, leave the sliced cheese out of the fridge for a good 30 minutes beforehand to soften up.

Step 11


The chips should be nearing the end, scoop the burgers up and place into the buns. Add plenty of BBQ suace, sprinkle with onions and pop the top of the bun on.

Step 12


And serve it like a trendy restaurant for fun?

Step 13

Eat (and drink)

Add your favorite drink (naturally, cider for me) and enjoy.

Step 14


Well, I’m going to continue tweaking my burger method as there’s always some room for improvement. If you have any tips of your own, do please share.

Next is the weekend burger. I’m hoping to make some steak burgers from scratch and have some nice hand cut chips. Maybe even cure my own bacon.

Mmm… bacon.


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