• Get your testing feet wet with Jest

    If you’ve never written a test before or usually turned off by the complexities of setting up and having to write verbose tests, Jest may be up your alley.

  • Burgers

    I like burgers, a lot. And after frequenting Bristol’s many burger joints I wanted to try and make my own ultimate burger.

  • Speaking about JSPM and ES6 at BristolJS

    A few months ago I discovered JSPM, the “frictionless browser package manager”. JSPM allows you to write your JavaScript in the new ES6 syntax and leverage existing package managers for ES6 style module loading.

  • Bloodborne

    It’s over. I’ve finally finished travelling down this masochistic road that runs through the beautifully twisted world of Bloodborne.

  • Why these 30 minutes make the web awesome

    I had this moment the other day where I just thought “the web is awesome”, plain and simply awesome in every sense of the word.

  • First shots with the Fujifilm X100S

    I’d been missing taking proper pictures on adventures out and after reading people’s experiences with the Fujifilm X’s I decided to pick one up.

  • Make cool CSS image gradients

    You’ve got a rad image of a cityscape to chuck on your new site but wait… it’s not looking quite cool enough right? Time for some zing!

  • My favourite game of 2013

    Straight off, I can say without a shadow of a doubt that my favourite game of 2013 has to be Naughty Dog’s The Last Of Us.

  • Integrating Laravel and Angular views

    Recently I’ve been laying down the foundations for a web application Penny and I have thought up. A lot of that time so far has been me scratching my head about which technologies we’d need to build it with and I now know what we’re going to use.

  • Change

    Towards the end of last year I’d say I made a fair few big changes in my life. I upped sticks to another part of Bristol, moved in with my girlfriend, and to top it off I also decided to change jobs — all at the same time!

  • Fresh

    It’s time for a fresh start. This site has been everything and nothing, but finally I’ve found a use for it that I’m happy to roll with.